Friday, February 19, 2016

SteamFlash Rocket Motor 09 - Second thoughts - I can be less like Elon Musk

I was going to keep Rocket Motor Number One as a historical treasure until I met ex student Dave who tells me he likes this blog and hurry up please to give us all Test Number 2 (This is Dave 2.0 - the number of interested people has grown to the point where there are 2 Daves)  The quickest way to Test 02 is to modify the motor from Test 01. Ordering a few goodies online - like a pressure gauge and digital hanger scales for only about 5 dollars each which is a pleasant surprise. I checked out pumps but small electric pumps only go up to about 100psi and I calculate that tension springs or rubber bands acting on a syringe plunger can do better as well as being simpler, lighter and easier. Aiming for a static test of a more complete design with thrust and pressure measurements.

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