Saturday, March 19, 2016

SteamFlash Rocket Motor 12 - Test 2 challenge - measuring minimal thrust

13 Mar 2016 - and a mystery. Test run gives a stubborn zero on our "force measurer"which is a luggage weighing scale. To get good performance we need 100W of electrical power to deliver a thrust force of 1N which would show on these scales as 0.1 kg force. Scale sits at zero all the way. Big under-performance challenge here!

Test 1 looked good - so there is something there.

I plan to follow-up by trying:
  1. A smaller nozzle for more of a pressure build up, 
  2. Balancing the balance beam instead of measuring reduction of the weight force of a large counterweight
  3. Measure other kinds of model thruster on this rig for comparison

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