Saturday, August 18, 2018

Big Update! XMRemoteRobot 2.0 speeds up with SignalR

Big advances in our open source server app for remote control and/or remote monitoring over the Public Internet.

XMRemoteRobot 2.0 is a major rewrite replacing "http long polling" with "signalr" giving faster, more direct communication. The latency (delay or lag time) is down to 10ms on local networks and 70ms over a 4000 km test. The new app replaces the database with in-memory objects. This means that the download is ready to run immediately in Visual Studio 2017. This also makes for easier  deployment..

Downloads and more details at:

Live Demo - test drive this app at: - Server located in Auckland, NZ. - Server located in Azure "Australia East". - Server located in Azure "West US".
You can see the (low) latency at different distances.

For pages "Test01" and "Test02", commands travel from the left side of the page, to the server, then back to the robot code separated into an iframe on the right side of the page. Or to your smartphone-acting-as-robot when you navigate that to pages "Robot01" or "Robot02". Therefore multiply the distance to the server x 2 for the remote control distance.

"signalr" is a Microsoft-sponsored open source project which implements "WebSockets".

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