Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Mocket - Mock Rocket - here's looking at you SpaceX Falcon

The project - experimenting with mobile phones as "robot brain" processors. 
The device challenge - mobile phone as model rocket flight controller, flight recorder, video camera, telemetry.
Oh and let's try landing the rocket like a SpaceX Falcon 9. Like this.

An Educator's approach - "staircase" - with early test vehicles which test parts of what is needed and perform less ambitious flights and ground tests as we work towards this grand aim, learning a lot along the way - which is the real payoff here.

Enter - "The Mocket" or mock rocket.
Idea - it looks like a rocket, but the motor in the tail is an electric "fan-jet". Same position, same thrust direction, similar moveable mount and controls as what a "real" ie not-atmosphere-dependent rocket motor would need. We can get started on phone-sensor-based flight control because "The Mocket" is easier to work with and has less in the way of flying permission issues than the possible later rocket.

The "Change Sun" 50mm ducted fan specs state: "Static Thrust :  Around 510g At 11.1v (25A)"

Question One  - do the core components add up to well under 510g?

Here goes:

Change Sun 50mm Ducted Fan 66
Hyperion Battery 3S Lithium Graphene77
Hobbywing Flyfun 30A ESC Controller26
Vodafone VFD-300 Mobile Phone75
2 x Chihaimotor Geared Motor 20

Assume for a reasonable climbing performance we need a total weight of 400g, this gives a "weight budget" of 134g for structure, wiring, other needs arising.
Challenging but good enough for a go-ahead.

Note - The mobile phone weighs 103g but it is possible to remove its battery (28g) and run it from the 5V "BEC" power supply provided by the ESC = Electronic Speed Controller. That gets the phone down to 75g.

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