Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Mocket - Weight saving - old small cellphone (no) and back cover removal (yes)

The Challenge - from our previous exciting episodes, the "weight allowance" for construction is est 134g.

Idea? - use an old smartphone Vodafone 858 that is smaller than number one tester - a current Vodafone VFD-300.

Out with the weighing machine.
The old 858 is 99g complete and 69g minus battery and back cover
The new VFD-300 is 103g complete and 65g minus battery and back cover.
I had not thought of flying without the back cover until now but I get that idea from doing this exercise. Minus back cover does look possible, maybe with cling wrap as a dust cover, and it saves 10g for the VFD-300. The construction weight budget goes up to 146g.

Change Sun 50mm Ducted Fan 66
Hyperion Battery 3S Lithium Graphene77
Hobbywing Flyfun 30A ESC Controller26
Vodafone VFD-300 Mobile Phone65
2 x Chihaimotor Geared Motor 20

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