Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Journey of the Rocket 03 - Water and Electronics do mix!

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I am getting more and more interested in doing interesting things with low power rockets. It is education and robotics that led me to a rocket interest. My rocket-for-education design that started with a rocket motor of "E" power rating is now reducing and I am now designing for "B" power. The aims being:

  • to be able to launch from school grounds 
  • to take sensor readings
  • to do all-electric recovery.

I think even small rockets need to detect apogee with an altimeter to control recovery and the electronics involved are now small enough and low cost enough to work as part of a student project. The video shows - shock! horror! - a water rocket for prototype testing of an altimeter circuit. That does achieve proof of concept although I am having challenges with lightweight battery versus relatively power-hungry bluetooth module.

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