Wednesday, December 20, 2017

XMSnakeRobot - Construction progress

Photos and notes from 16 Dec 2017
Body structure and actuators are now in place.
Making progress on fitting the electronics and cabling.
I am working to a plan - ref Github:
That plan is getting many rewrites as I build.
There is a lot of detail problem solving in building this prototype. Especially fitting in components and wiring in such a way that it is possible to easily dismantle a segment for repairs or modifications. It reminds me of my diy past lives building model aircraft and repairing old cars.
  • I found that it is possible to fit battery and regulator on the same rib, rather than on 2 adjacent ribs. That gives a welcome cabling simplification.
  • Allowing for cable flexing on movement turns out to be easier than expected. A simple loop path gives enough room to move and flex.
  • I needed to change the rib cabling hole position to move cables away from the servo swing arms.
  • I needed the equivalent of tiny multi power adapters on each rib to plug in multiple servos and electronic modules. Cutting up a breadboard into micro breadboards with a hacksaw works well.
  • Hair dryer softens glue. I needed to adjust a servo position. Servo was glued in place with "araldite", a two-part epoxy glue. I read that this would soften at about 80 degrees C so I borrowed my daughter's hair dryer and that worked to release the servo so I could re-glue it.

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