Tuesday, December 26, 2017

XMSnakeRobot - we have digital control - 20 out of 20 servos responding.

Milestone tonight (Tue, 26 Dec 2017).
The snake robot "spinal cord" is working. That is 20 servos are responding to remote signals as planned.

Looking at my previous issues of "rogue" servo movements.

Try changing from Arduino Nano to Wemos D1 - a different microcontroller.
I did that - a major change, and the servo bad behaviour was THE SAME!. This prompted me to look harder at my code. After digging deep I did find a "bug". Coding fix gave a successful system fix.

Working on other issues.

Issue: One Arduino also resets itself when servos encounter loads like lifting the snake robot's head.
That head section has 40cm of thin cables supplying power from the centre of the Snake Robot. These have a significant voltage drop - typically 5.1 volt dropping to 4.8 V with momentarily dropping lower when servo loads kick in. 
I got a small improvement by cranking up the regulator to 5.4V. 
I got a further improvement by adding a 470uF capacitor and 39 ohm resistor to the Arduino Nano power supply cable - all good on individual servo testing [LATER - resets still happening on multi-servo movements trying out movement "gaits"]

Hypothesis: Try the "volatile" coding keyword for my servo array.
Made no difference. Also "volatile" triggered a compile error with the Wemos board. That puts a stop to trying "volatile" because I want to leave the way open to using Wemos boards.

Photo: Snake Robot as at 26 Dec 2017.

Photo: The Android Smartphone is running app "Serial Bluetooth Terminal" by Kai Morich.
Signal "A2+020" = "Target microcontroller 'A', Target Servo 2, Set to +20 degrees from centre position."

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