Saturday, December 23, 2017

XMSnakeRobot - HC-05 problem solved - needs clean switch-on

Keywords: HC-05, problem, erratic, will not switch on, fail, dead, intermittent, fault, electronic module.

On changing to an external power supply I found that the HC-05 module would not start when I "switched on" by connecting an alligator clip. Then I observed that if I touched the alligator clip to the battery terminal the HC-05 would switch on OK. But the usual clamping it on - no! After some playful experimentation I found a consistent pattern. The HC-05 needs a definite clean change from off to on. Clamping an alligator clip gives a moment of touching and movement which gives an on-off-on-off-on-off-on way of starting electrical life in my circuit. I should solder a proper switch into the snake robot external power leads. In the meantime I have worked out an alligator clipping action where I open the alligator clip, press one side against the terminal then release the other side to clamp.

Hopefully this helps anyone else encountering this mystery!
What is an HC-05? A small circuit board about the size of a human little finger which gives bluetooth capability to device projects - like a snake robot. More about HC-05 here:

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